The Top Brands of Employee Time Clocks

Whether you are beginning to launch a business or have established a company and seek to grow, it’s important to make sure payroll records are accurate. For many establishments, this means meticulous care of work attendance logs, especially if you pay by the hour. You will definitely wish to consider a good time clock solution to keep everything running smoothly.

What kind of punch clock and software is best for your line of work? Depending on the size of your business and the scope of the work involved, there are a number of options available to you. If you have only a handful of employees centered at one location, a simple mechanical punch clock may work best for you. Larger offices in need of security may want to consider a system that requires card or fingerprint scanning to track employee progress, and a corporation with multiple locations and a centralized human resources department will need something more advanced. A solution that utilizes online real-time records and the ability to log on and off via the Internet or PDA is a good choice.

As you study the available systems for managing attendance, take a good look at the hardware and software specialized for companies like yours. While it may seem like a narrow field of industry, there are actually several manufacturers that produce the equipment you want. Four such recommended solutions include:

  • Time Q Plus Biometric Clock: Accuracy in time with fingerprint scanning option to prevent “buddy punching” and increase security
  • HRe-Time Internet Based Attendance: Best for businesses where employees work off-site. Keep track of time attendance via real-time Internet reports.
  • Acroprint ES700 Mechnical Clock: Standard punch card clock, great for small offices.
  • Timex T100: Biometric solution, good for security card scanning in medium-sized buildings.

If you’re not sure which is best for your work, consult a time attendance specialist today for more information on time clocks and software to help maximize your productivity.